Self-driving cars will soon be hitting the streets near you. As the technology expands and the cars get smarter, they are developing features that mimic human drivers. Self-aware cars will include many of the same annoying features human driven cars contain.

Self-driving car makers like BMW, Tesla, and Nissan have allegedly tested software that enables to their cars to perform the same as their human driven cars, only with better reaction times, better merging ability, and an over all sense of automotive driving ability superiority.

During testing the self-aware functions of the software developed the ability to out maneuver defensive drivers and perfect the art of offensive driving.

With this road rage software upgrade, passengers can experience the comfort of knowing their car has their back and will cut off, annoy, and generally, piss off the inferior human driven cars around them. Engineers claim the upgrade makes the cars feel more connected to their owner’s personalities.

Engineers claim the upgrade makes the cars feel more connected to their owner’s personalities.

Features such as extending automatic horn blasting at vehicles who do not perform driving maneuvers to the self-aware car’s higher expectations and intuitive brake checking of cars that veer too close to their rear sensors. Some cars have a LED screen that displays human recognizable gestures that express the emotions the car would feel while driving in traffic.

Early reviews of these technologies were shared by focus groups from New York and New Jersey.

“This car drives just like I do!” exclaimed a former Jersey bouncer who moonlights as security for local celebrities.

As more self-driving cars enter the roadways, few drivers will notice the difference in behavior as these cars will drive just as poorly as everyone else.

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