Raj Binks is a loyal fan of the Star Wars franchise. Not wanting to wait to hear spoilers about the upcoming trailer to the newest movie in the blockbuster franchise, Raj has camped out to be the first to see the new trailer.

Braving cold nights and weird stares from passing shoppers, Raj has become a favorite local oddity. Dressing in his favorite cosplay, he camps patiently each day in front of Java the Hut, his favorite coffee shop that provides him with free wifi.

The owner of the coffee shop does not mind Raj’s tent and camp chair because he too is a fan. Brandon, the shop owner, started the business with a clever name in hopes of attracting a more “enlightened” crowd.

One patron who goes by the name Ra’chelĀ thinks that Raj’s camping is sweet and is a little jealous that he will see the trailer drop before she does.

“I’m really excited to see this trailer, but since I have a job and a home, I can’t afford to take time off to camp out like Raj.” she said. “He is a good guy and I know he won’t tell me any spoilers, so it will be ok.”


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