Google, a company that prides itself on diversity and equality has been hit with charges of Search Engine Inequality in the workplace. James Dorman, a former Google engineer was fired for writing a scathing manifesto on inequality. The internal memo went viral after it offended many existing employees and created an uncomfortable work environment. The former employee has since filed an NLRB complaint and is exploring legal options against a company he accused of suppressing conservative opinions.

While the equality and equal pay debate have become a hot button issue over the years, this manifesto¬†exposes one of Google’s biggest weaknesses in the marketplace. Its search engine is given preferential treatment in the workplace. While diversity exists in the search marketplace, search engines such as Bing and Yahoo are blatantly discriminated against by people and given much lower pay from advertisers. Google’s privilege in controlling¬†the majority of the search engine market has created a hostile environment.

Progressive companies such as Google may talk the talk about equal pay, however, when it comes to pay, they earn billions more than others who provide equally valuable services to the people around them.

Until Google provides an opportunity for equal earnings to Bing and Yahoo and atones for its search privilege, equality in the search space will never exist.



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